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Lets talk about moving

Published on 10 December 2021 at 17:57

First of all welcome to my blog,  I'm not sure what I want this to  be or what exactly I will write about in the future but here it goes! 


Ok, so for those of you who have no clue who i am, Hi ! I'm Liza, from Waterford, Ireland. Married with one little girl who consumes almost all of my time.  I am a qualified secondary art teacher, a content creator and a small  business owner. I thought teaching was my path but turned out harder to get a job with my college education than I thought. (I might write about that another time)


The really short summary is, thirty seven year old mother of 1 plus husband want to live in a house.... sounds easy, eh? Not quite when you live in lovely ireland. We enquired about mortgages but that turned into one huge joke, except no-one is laughing and it's actually a huge economic issue that I  am  not qualified enough to even begin to unravel. 

Our Solution - Let's Move Country 

Up until this point we had been living small, tiny in fact. Which unknowns to us at  the time was very fashionable.  Instagram is a flood of off grid, tiny living accounts, from  school bus renovations to RV life on the road. This was not our experience as we were not in sunny California with an airstream and a overflowing bank account. Our experience was a little less Disney and a lot more real life. That being said I loved every moment of it and it taught me to live in a more purposeful way. 


Before we lived tiny we had a huge house, a rental of course, it was obscenely big for two people,  and being an early twenties shopaholic with a job and zero understanding of how to save or  plan for my future I filled every square inch of that house.  Lots of fun when we had to move out, almost ten years later. 


Moving out of the tiny space was needless to say a much easier task. I bought really good quality tubs that were stackable and filled them room by room.  I'm linking them here . They are not cheap but they will stand the test of time., I spent a good amount of time looking at different options for both transportation and storage,  I wanted something that could go onto a palette to be shipped to Spain without worrying about my stuff being damaged and that could be stored in Ireland while we found more permanent accommodation.


Wait.... I've Skipped Ahead

Obviously we had to find someplace to live before we packed up our lives. 2 things happened, we rented a camper van and the three of us spent 2 weeks travelling up and down the Spanish coast from Figueres to Valencia. This was an incredible trip and definitely needs it's own post. All I will say for now is that i highly recommend the rental company we used! 

Based on that trip and my initial gut instinct which I don't mind saying is usually right we picked Cambrils, on the Costa Dorada. 


Cambrils is a coastal town around 35 km squared with a population of 33.5k. There are no nightclubs and lots of restaurants - even 1 with a michelin star. And there is a round tower on the waterfront - just like my hometown Waterford. Since we are a family that don't take signs lightly this sealed the deal for us!


Quick Summary

Decided to move - went on an epic 2 week adventure with a 6 month old baby in a camper van - chose our new home - packed up our old lives. At this point I thought we were practically on our way, We chose the area we wanted to live and i  was really excited. I hadn't really given much thought to how long it would take to actually find a house or apartment. We were really open minded about what we were willing to live in and honestly it was giving us a new lease of life just thinking of the possibilities. 


I downloaded the Idealista app, pretty simple.... and by the way a great app. I clicked the little heart on any properties i thought were suitable and I proceeded to send messages to each one stating I wanted to rent the property asap and could they contact me back with all the details. 

- zero responses -

I could not understand, it, no-one would even reply, let alone give me information. This is probably a time to point out that i don't speak Spanish or Catalan. I know what your thinking, obviously they didn't reply to you, they more than likely didn't understand. My fluent cousin translated my message to Spanish, so now I could ask for the property, right? Nope. This was not the only hurdle,  Being Irish and not living or working in Spain at the time I was making the enquiry threw up red flags with almost every letting agency.  Weeks went by and I was getting no closer to renting a property. It was now September. 



Finally a company that spoke English and was willing to deal with us. For anyone that wants to move to Spain there are a few simple things you need to rent a property.  Identification of course but also proof of earnings. Some rental agencies will want your NIE number as well, We were lucky that we didn't need to provide this as we didnt have it. The NIE number is the legal number the Spanish National Police assigns to foreign residents who don't have Spanish citizenship.  We are still in the process of getting this - it's not a simple task!


We are presently living in a winter rental, a terraced house which is part of a holiday complex, gym, kids playground, tennis courts all within our gates. In addition to this the beach is really close, less than 500 meters. All of this comes with a huge downside, we have to leave in May. 


And so the house hunt continues.... 


I hope you enjoyed reading about our big move, if you want to hear more subscribe to the newsletter .

Chat Soon, 

- Liza 

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Lavina Giani
8 months ago

Loved reading about your move and life congratulations πŸ‘ sounds exciting ❀️

8 months ago

πŸ₯° Thank you for reading. It's been so much fun living in a new place ☺ x

8 months ago

Wow 😊 You guys always amazed me with your free spirit lifestyle. I'm sending positive vibes to the Universe and please God you'll find your new home soon πŸ™ P.S. congratulations to both of you on welcoming a baby girl 😘

8 months ago

😁 thank you so much πŸ’“ It's been an interesting year for us πŸ™ˆ